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Traditional vs white-label payment processing

Traditional vs white-label payment processing

We are fully compliant with recent data protection regulations and the latest payment directive. Our internal processes are regularly examined and controlled by independent compliance and audit officers. All data we process is securely stored on our servers, located in carefully watched over and protected data centers. I’d say, today, our companies are much more than partners, and our close business relations are mutually beneficial. Also, they do listen to their customers and provide really necessary functions. They give great support and provide with all necessary information from the first day of work.

What is a white label payment gateway

The way money inflows and outflows worked before is no longer the case now. White-label Gateway has distinctively changed the course of financial operations, serving as an efficient money gateway for businesses. If you want to find out more about it and, perhaps, build your own solution, stay tuned.

IXOPAY for Merchants of Record

Offering proper payment methods at the checkout improves conversions, customer satisfaction, and retention. Therefore, Verified Payments endeavors to develop a wide range of home and international payment options to cover all business needs. You are selling marketing services but you don’t know how to build software. Create your park of high-end software integrated under your own agency domain.

  • In this article we are going to describe the concepts of white-label payment gateway and white-label payment processing.
  • Luckily, a white-label gateway provider has all the payment methods already integrated and ready to be used.
  • This is a way to go for large corporations that can afford an in-house expert team to do the hard work behind the payment gateway.
  • Today you, tomorrow your six years old child on their way to conquer the business world.
  • This level of branding customization can help businesses build brand recognition and increase customer loyalty.
  • This means that the payment gateway can be seamlessly integrated into the existing website or mobile app and maintain a consistent brand experience.
  • Integrating a payment gateway into the existing brand’s website or application can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.

It’s worth mentioning that our payment traffic has multiplied several times since we started with the platform, and it easily fulfils our needs as we scale and enter new geographies. https://xcritical.com/ Monitor your company’s financial health with our fully-equipped accounting software. These are basic recommendations to help you better choose a payment processor for your business.

Who can benefit from a white label payment gateway?

If you want to learn more about what happens behind the scenes when you purchase something online, check out our guide detailing how Bitcoin works for more information. When expanded it provides a list of search options that will switch the search inputs to match the current selection. NMI will exhibit at the 2023 ETA TRANSACT conference in Atlanta, Georgia, from the 24-26th of April. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Talk to us to find out more about embedded finance or our other white-label solutions. Continuously maintaining and upgrading your software, as it is a cornerstone of a successful PSP company.

What is a white label payment gateway

To find out whether your business is high-risk, see the list of high-risk industries below. PAYMENTZ Platform provides state of the art, white label payment gateway solution – an essential infrastructural component in the card-not-present industry. By being your access point to the global market, PAYMENTZ Platform represents your bridge between merchants and financial institutions. Throughout world history, India and Mumbai were vital centers of trade – PAYMENTZ retains that culture by enabling global transactions in an extremely secure environment. PAYMENTZ is passionate about delivering high-quality services and also striving to constantly development of systems and tools in order to establish new benchmarks in the industry.

What is White Label Payment Gateway? What Does it Provide?

PaySpace is a Ukraine-based payment processor that delivers seamless customer experience around the globe. The platform employs cutting-edge technologies to serve thousands of customers globally. Compared to numerous competitors, the company is ready to work with high-risk industries and develop white-label gateway solutions for them.

All the major e-wallets, cryptocurrency, remittance systems, and local credit cards of 177 countries are on the list. We guarantee a 20% increase in transaction approval ratio thanks to the high-end technology distributing declined transactions between different connectors. Enjoy up to 30% increase in conversion rate with our solution allowing to hand-pick the best provider with the most beneficial terms and rates for each transaction. White label payment gateway solutions offer businesses of all sizes the opportunity to build an online payment infrastructure quickly and efficiently. White label payment gateway providers offer payment processing services that allow businesses to process credit card payments quickly and efficiently.


On the merchant, PSP, and payment gateway side, a fraud prevention platform with Ethoca makes additional 3rd parties redundant. It is an automated solution that prevents chargeback fraud from day one. Our white-label solution allows merchants to gain a clear insight into their customers’ features to offer their client base a platform and service package relevant to its needs.

And they are more tuned to the needs of bigger businesses rather than smaller enterprises. In this article, we’ll look into the benefits and explore your best white-label payment gateway software options available now. One of the biggest benefits of partnering with a white-label payment processor is that it gives ISVs the opportunity to create an additional revenue stream by expanding their offerings. PCI compliance besides implementing various fraud prevention and protection measures.

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We are very thankful, that we got acquainted with a really strong partner, which has a high level of expertise in the fintech field, development, and other IT tools for payouts. Since that time we have been connected to 8 PSPs and more than 15 payout methods – so, everything that we needed – is extremely covered by Corefy. Find out how we helped this international cashback service handle mass payouts and establish white label payment gateway new integrations, equipping the company for further expansion. Studies show that redirections often confuse users causing a lot of them to abandon the cart. The customer might trust you as a merchant if he did his research and read the reviews. However, when the payment page he’s redirected to is owned and run by a third party he’s not familiar with, the user might feel frustrated and discouraged.

Compare the Top White Label Payment Gateways of 2023

Crassula is working with over 20 banks and this number is constantly growing. This means that you are free to choose the most preferred financial institution among our trusted partners. From standard Visa, Mastercard to foreign payment types such as WeChat, Alipay, and much more. A license for a payment gateway software product is acquired and the code can subsequently be changed to reflect whatever branding the licensee has. As the code is also licensed (the solution is open-source), the licensee can add any specific features to the solution.

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