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Startup CTO: Main Roles, Responsibilities, and Challenges Trio Developers

Startup CTO: Main Roles, Responsibilities, and Challenges Trio Developers

Thus, they often raise brand awareness at corporate events such as tech conferences. Such breadth of knowledge is essential for far-reaching corporate planning and identifying business objectives. 2019 study from MIT revealed that over 50 percent of respondents had a master’s degree or higher.

As usual, this person is an executive, serving as a central point of IT innovations within an organization and often the right hand of a CIO. When an organization creates a tech product, this persona type stands at the helm of that product. This position is about ensuring that the product functions properly and stays relevant to the current market trends. In this case, a CTO manages a product engineering team and is responsible for operational technology. A position in the C-suite of a company overseeing several business and technology departments. This role is authoritative and especially relevant in our digitalized world.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Our broad network of battle-tested software developers, designers, managers and business consultants is here for you. The CTO must understand the product life cycle and understand how to create new products and maintain existing ones. Reputable companies often look for this direction of the technical director, but very rarely – startups. To hire the perfect person, recruiters must fully understand what is a CTO, and what are the roles and responsibilities of this officer. An experienced CTO is often the oracle of technology in their organization.

The CTO is supposed to represent the company in narrowly-selected tech associations and technology-related conferences to show presence on the market and promote the company’s tech achievements. As a product driver, a CTO has to concentrate on a customer-technology interaction. On the other hand, a CTO keeps track of customer wants and needs to ensure product success on the market. Surf collaborated with other companies’ teams and CTOs at a project ideation stage many times. Unlike CIOs, which focus on the organization of internal IT infrastructure, CTOs focus on the client base outside the company, as well as on business development.

Duties & Responsibilities 6

Lead the development of the Operation’s annual internal research and development portfolio and provide guidance to and management oversight of all projects. You offer a Bachelor’s degree in business, computer science, or a related field; a Master’s degree in business or a technology-related discipline is preferred. In a startup, there are quite a few executive offices in operation. However, most companies do not always consider the position of a CDO .

It’s also vital to be able to see how technology fits with strategic business goals. When a company doesn’t have a CIO, the CTO determines the overall technology strategy and presents it to top executives, according to the BLS. When an organization has both a CIO and CTO, the CTO usually has more technical know-how and expertise, according https://globalcloudteam.com/ to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics . The CTO typically reports directly to the CIO and is responsible for designing and recommending the appropriate technology solutions to support the CIO’s policies and directives, the bureau says. CTOs also work with various departments to implement the organization’s technology plans.

How To Find And Hire a CTO For Your Startup? Founder’s Guide

They usually have a technical background coupled with hands-on experience in coding, design, and other related fields. This function prevails over others when CTOs manage the company at its early stages and fill in multiple technical roles. The CTO makes all executive decisions with regard to the technological interests of a company. They are responsible for outlining the company’s technological vision, implementing technology strategies, and ensuring that the technological resources are aligned with the company’s business needs. We are looking for a Chief Technology Officer to provide sound technical leadership in all aspects of our business.

cto roles and responsibilities

The chief technology officer is the senior executive who focuses on the technological requirements, opportunities, and challenges within an organization. The CTO role has emerged as a key player in the enterprise C-suite, especially with digital transformation being such a high strategic priority for so many organizations. On a typical day, a Chief Technology Officer starts by reviewing their email and voicemail to check for any missed messages from executives, company stakeholders or managers. They meet with executives to discuss the company’s current financial stability, business opportunities and other news. They also meet with operations personnel and IT Managers to strategize ways to implement new technology systems throughout the company. We are seeking a highly-skilled CTO with a storied history in the technological sector.


Salary of a Chief Technology Officer varies from company to company, location, and other additional roles in the company. Like any other C-level executive in a large company, most CTOs get performance bonuses and hefty stock options as their total package. The average salary of a CTO in the US is $160k but don’t let this number fool you.

  • CTOs are responsible for functional innovation and lead the development group.
  • Technical experience is the most important requirement to become a CTO.
  • This also means doing manual testing and writing scripts for automation tests.
  • The two jobs often overlap in responsibilities, and your part of the equation may vary by where you work.
  • A CTO is the focal point of the leadership and the technical people.
  • They should be actively involved in feedback and retention of team members.

Together with Labirint CTO and other team members, we developed a native app that automates the process of delivery making it transparent for customers, couriers and managers. Using the app, a courier can plan a route taking into account traffic cto roles and responsibilities and delivery schedule, accept payments via the smartphone’s NFC and make refunds if a client refuses part of the order. The app can work offline, storing the data in a local database and synchronizing it as soon as the connection gets restored.


In addition to her main job, Martin-Flickinger serves on the Advisory Board of Arizona State University’s Fulton School of Engineering and the Board of Directors of Tableau Software. In this case, the CTO is primarily an operations manager who is responsible for leading the engineering team. As usual, the CTO is still an A-level developer with a deep knowledge of programming, but purely development tasks have faded into the background. Instead of coding, these CTOs shape the technology strategy and manage the programmers in their organizations.

cto roles and responsibilities

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