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Annual General Meeting Under the Companies Act, 2013

Annual General Meeting Under the Companies Act, 2013

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It is the Audit Committee’s responsibility to prepare a schedule for an annual meeting. The schedule prepared must include the main issues of the agenda that is decided to be taken up in the meeting. The financial statements and interim reports which is related to resolution or matter discussed in the meeting have to be given to the members of the meeting at least before 24 hours from the meeting. Minutes of the Audit Committee’s meetings are required to be drawn up without any delay and it should be signed by the Chairman and the secretary.

You can benefit greatly from these meetings because they give you an opportunity to speak up. In case you’re facing an issue at work, you can address these by talking to the right people in this kind of meeting. These types of business meetings are critical for professional success and organizational goals. This is where everyone comes together to discuss new ideas and plans for the future.

The chairman of the company is also the chairman of the Board and in case if there isn’t a chairman in a company then the directors may choose one of them to be a chairman. Section 165 of the Companies Act, 1956 states that a statutory meeting could be adjourned from time to time. Only the unfinished business at the original meeting could be carried out in the adjourned meeting. The only difference is that in adjourned meetings, any resolutions weather was taken up before or after the last meeting could be passed. In contrast, such benefit is not applicable in case of a statutory meeting.

  • For eg., a board might consist of one committee that solely takes care of finances and another that takes over completely of workforce issues.
  • The place of the meeting should be the registered office of the company and if not so, then it must be within the town, city or village in which the company is officially registered.
  • Section 100 of the Companies Act, 2013 enumerates the provisions concerning the extraordinary general meetings.
  • Voting for a resolution by electronic means is known as casting vote by electronic mode or electronic voting.
  • As the very name suggests, these meetings are convened to deal with all the extraordinary matters, which fall outside the usual business of the Annual General Meetings.
  • The AGM must be held within six months from the preparation of the balance sheet of the Company.

At least four board meetings shall be held in every calendar year and the minimum gap between two board meetings shall not be less than 120 days. Quorum of board meeting shall be at least 1/3 of the total strength or two directors whichever is higher. If the meeting is not held for want of quorum then the same is adjourned for the same time, same place at next week. As the name suggests, Extra Ordinary General Meeting refers to the extra meeting apart from the Annual General Meeting which is convened by directors of the company. It is the meeting called for the purpose of dealing with any special business.

The company should apply for an extension through e form GNL-1 specifying the reasons for the extension and the period for which the company requires an extension. However, no extension is available to hold the first annual general meeting. The document which needs to be served can be sent to the member or officer of the company at the registered office of the company. The document needs to be served by registered post, courier service, by manually dropping it in the office, or by a recognized electronic means. If the member prescribes a mode of delivery of the documents, then the documents should be delivered to him through that mode. The cost of delivery is to be paid by the member in an annual general meeting for the prescribed mode of delivery.

Society Rules and Regulations

Ghosh Any gathering, assembly or coming together of two or more persons for the transaction of some lawful business of common concern is called meeting. Vakilsearch is India’s largest provider of legal, secretarial, accounting, and compliance services. We have successfully worked with over 5 lakh customers, and have now registered over 10% of all the companies registered in India. If the meeting decides to amend the rules and regulations of the society, a separate resolution must be submitted for it.

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The registrar is empowered to extend the time upto a time to 3 weeks except in the situation of initial annual general meeting. Shareholder’s Meeting means a meeting of the Shareholders of the company wherein resolution are placed before the shareholders to discuss about the corporate matters and other matters required by the by laws of the company. The definition of meeting is not provided under the Companies Act, 2013.


The kinds of meeting is not bound to hold any general meeting till the first AGM. The AGM must be held within six months from the preparation of the balance sheet of the Company. A resolution may also be passed at a general meeting for the selection of time of the subsequent general meetings. There is a relaxation for the private companies which states that the venue of the general meeting for a private company may not be situated within the jurisdiction of the place where the registered office of the Company is located. The annual general meetings are held to discuss the ordinary business, like annual accounts, important reports, audit, divined declaration and so on. Apart from this ordinary business special business can also be discussed in the meeting.

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Statutory meetings are the first general meetings of any public company after they become entitled to business. Section 165 of the Companies Act, 1956, defined statutory meetings as the one which shall be conducted between one to six months from the date of commencement of business. Additionally, such a company shall be one limited by shares or guarantee with a share capital.

Committee Meetings

The members of the company also have a right to vote on resolutions such as winding up of the company, for repayment or for reduction of the company’s equity or preference share capital. The common methods used for voting is by showing or raising hands, voice votes, raising method , ballot, a proxy or postal votes, etc. However, the Central Government exempts a Company from the provision of Section 96.

It is advisable only to allow team members facing those problems to minimize unnecessary discussions or inputs. The problems faced by any teams or members should be addressed in the meeting, and attendees must actively communicate with each other, find the root cause and take immediate actions to resolve it. The purpose of these meetings is to develop new strategies to counter the present problems or prevent similar issues in the future.

On entering the booth, employees will find a comfortable sofa to sit on, and a table suspended at an optimum height to hold their laptops, notebooks and perhaps a cup of coffee. Done up in bright colours and featuring soothing overhead lights, these minimalistic spaces are perfect for quick calls and short meetings. According to Section 174 of the Companies Act, It is possible for a director to attend a meeting through a video conference call.

After the conduct of AGM, every listed company has to file a report on the AGM in form MGT-15within a period of 30 days from the conclusion of the AGM. The ordinary business of the company will be passed by an ordinary resolution where the votes cast in favour are more than the votes cast against the resolution. All companiesexcept one person company should hold an AGM after the end of each financial year.

A company must hold its AGM within a period of six months from the end of the financial year. Statutory Meeting and Annual General Meetings are called the ordinary meetings of a company. All other general meetings other than these two are called Extraordinary General Meetings. As the very name suggests, these meetings are convened to deal with all the extraordinary matters, which fall outside the usual business of the Annual General Meetings. A document can be served to a company by sending it to the company at the registered office through a registered post, courier service, by dropping it at the registered office or by a recognized electronic means.

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The first meeting of the shareholders of a public company is called as the statutory meeting. It has to be called within six months from the date on which the company is entitled to commence business, but it cannot be held within one month from that date. It is so because of the requirement of Section 165 of the Company Act. The stakeholders receive particulars relating to the shares taken up, money received, contracts entered into and the preliminary expenses so incurred.

The meetings of the creditors are held when the company proposes to make a scheme for an arrangement with the company’s creditors. Section 391 to 393 of the Companies Act 2013 gives powers to the company to compromise with the creditors and lay down the procedure of the action. Informal catch-ups are team-building meetings where you can let off steam, bond with your team members and discuss things besides work. It’s important to meet your coworkers in an informal capacity to build a rapport with them. Interacting with others is key to strengthening workplace relationships.

What Gujarat Cooperative Society Rules Says About Quorum

Members can appoint proxies to attend an AGM and vote on their behalf. The proxy should be appointed in writing, and the proxy form should be signed by the member. A government company can also hold its AGM at any other place as the Central Government may approve. An unlisted company can hold an AGM at any place in India after obtaining consent from its members in writing or in electronic mode. In the case of a Section 8 company, the Board decides the date, time and place of the AGM as per the directions given in a general meeting of the company. For management meetings, formal client discussions and confidential sales and target conversations, we have meeting rooms that are designed with a more conventional approach.

Section 102 of the Companies Act does not require an explanatory statement when a meeting is organised by the Requestions. Meetings play a significant role and add much value to the organization’s success. Therefore, it’s vital to conduct meetings that help the organization’s growth, time, and effort. Don’t hesitate to comment on your views of different types of meetings or any insights you have. In case of Specified IFSC Private & Public Company, then to hold first board meeting within 60 days of incorporation and then hold one meeting in each half of calendar year.

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Brainstorming sessions are discussions where you can bounce ideas off each other. You can come up with effective business strategies to achieve targets and tackle challenges. This is your chance to showcase your strengths and stand out by sharing original and creative ideas with your team. Section 174 of the act constitutes a quorum of five persons in case of a public company and two when it is any other company. If within half an hour of the commencement of the meeting there is no quorum constituted, it will dissolve the meeting arranged for.

If no such conference is convened within twenty one many days of the requisition of theirs, shareholders might themselves convene the conference within three weeks from the day of the requisition. Any meeting other than these meetings is called an extraordinary general meeting which can be called under section 100 of CA’13. It is held to transact some urgent or special business that cannot be postponed until the next annual general meeting. The Board Meeting is a meeting of a company’s board of directors, held usually at certain times of the year to discuss company-wide policies or issues.

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